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Jackie Shroff’s Swag Was Hitting The Roof On ‘Koffee With Karan’.

Here Are The 10 Best Moments From The Show

We had our apprehensions when we heard Jackie Shroff and Tiger Shroff were appearing on ‘Koffee With Karan’.

To be honest, we really didn’t know how to react. Because let’s face it, Jackie Shroff is no regular when it comes to chatting shows. Also, thanks to the internet, the mere mention of him brings back some unintentionally hilarious memories. (If you don’t know which video we’re talking about, then you, Sir, have been living under a rock).

Well, Jackie Shroff did appear on ‘Koffee With Karan’ and even though the episode was a letdown for more reasons than one, Jaggu Dada’s swag was on point (despite that jarring accent). Oh, and they put this life-sized pillow on the other end of the couch who seemed to look a lot like Jackie’s son, Tiger Shroff. If you missed the episode (or had a hard time understanding what Jackie was saying in that bizarre accent), here are the 10 best moments from the show!

1. Karan Johar pointed out how different Jackie Shroff’s son is of him and Jackie had the most savage response.
2. Jackie Shroff said he would always remain young and he was not even kidding.
3. His take on love was as millennial as it could get.

4. Tiger Shroff opened up about crushing on Shraddha Kapoor and it was literally the only giveaway from his appearance on the show.
5. Jackie Shroff explained his midnight banters with buddy Aamir Khan in the most relatable way ever.
6. Boman Irani mimicked Jackie Shroff in a special segment and it was hilarious!
7. Poonam Dhillon had ZERO chills while talking about Jackie. She really couldn’t get over how hot he was.
8. Jackie Shroff’s obsession with Madhuri was way too real in the rapid fire round and Tiger Shroff was having a tough time giving normal reactions.
9. Tiger Shroff said the one thing he would never go to his dad for advice for was sex and everybody on the sets knew exactly why.
10. Jackie Shroff’s wife Ayesha Shroff broke down on the show, remembering the time her film ‘Boom’ bombed and they had to lose their house and it was one of the most heartwarming moments on the show so far.

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