Author: Shalini Shukla

Happy pocket khali day 0

Happy pocket khali day

  Shopkeeper after looking you with girl -Congratulation sir you both are the most beautiful couple. Girl-Baby baby this shop is best for shopping. After girl shopping….. Shopkeeper-Sir this your bill after 50% discount...


Happy valentines day

Happy valentines day to all of you no matter who is single or committed. yes friends we should be celebrate this special day to forget all things Gf, Bf ,break up,patch up ,long dis-tense...

Happy promise day 0

Happy promise day

promise is most important thing in relationship that stable trust in relationship.Promise is also powerful and energetic word that always motivate you to achieve your goals. One promise can maintain your  hope and also...

Happy rose day 0

Happy rose day

Rose is the symbol of love ,piece and happiness.Every body want rose because as we know “NO ROSES WITHOUT THROWN”……. I wish god fulfil every colour of roses in your life. Red-love and romance...

Collage vs office 0

Collage vs office

Dedicated to all bachelors.. . Wo sunday ki batting,wo junior se setting Ladki patne pe late night chatting canteen me baith ke gappe lagana scholar se daru peena pilana lecture ke beech me whatsapp...

Keep smile 0

Keep smile

  Your smile and happiness are the best things for those people who really love you but your smile and happiness are the best punishment for your enemy. So be happy and keep smiling.

बसंत मुबारक 0

बसंत मुबारक

ऋतू राज बसंत आप सभी के जीवन में अपार खुशिया लाये. यह बसंत हमारे जीवन व देश के जवानों को नए सीख व उत्साह दे. इन्ही कामनों के माँ सरस्वती के चरणों में कुछ...

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